Created by Founder Ultraa Energi in 2002, the House of Energi began in Washington D.C. as a proud declaration of loyalty amongst friends. We have grown into the actualization of an even larger dream! Largely now based in the Bay Area, the House of Energi is a diverse family of artists and activists committed to the development and promotion of House Ballroom culture. Our mission is to be a positive force in people’s lives and to help create change both on and off the dance floor. Recently, Bay Area Energis have been focusing on connecting with the next generation of LGBTQ youth and generating awareness around health and safety issues.

The House of Energi has deep roots in the Pop, Dip, Spin, or the Old Way, which are two of the names of the original style of Vogue. All of our House children practice the artform of Vogue in its many iterations with an understanding of a connection to the Old Way.  Our members also walk other categories in Ballroom from Face and Fashion to Runway. We span the globe, with House children all across the United States to Japan.

The Bay Area chapter began in 2011 when Father Ryan Energi moved to San Francisco. We have made a name for ourselves in the mainstream Ballroom scene by snatching trophies and competing up and down the West Coast and all the way to NYC.