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In celebration of the House's 15 year anniversary, Founder Ultraa Energi and Father Ryan Energi are proud to present the Origins Ball in San Francisco! With "Origins", we honor the traditions and memories of those who paved the way for Ballroom. We look inward towards the source of our own creativity to unleash on the runway. We celebrate the birth of something new in the Bay Area. Embark with us on this journey, as we set out to bring communities together under one groove for a night of music, fashion, and fierce competition!

Stay tuned for updates on
- Legendary Guests
- Categories & Prizes
- Tickets
- Afterparty

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8:30 PM20:30

House Dance Festival: Kiki Ball

After our vogue workshop, House of Energi will host a mini Kiki ball.  We encourage you to practice the elements you learned in the prior workshop if you are new to voguing.  There will be a runway category and performance category with cash prizes, as well as demonstration categories, to prepare you for our upcoming Origins Ball (December 9th in San Francisco, CA).

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