Leezy Energi

Leezy Energi is a queer first-generation Taiwanese-American, culturally sensitive mental health professional, visual artist, and street + professional dancer.  

Leezy has been in love with vogue ever since discovering it on YouTube around 2009 and began delving deeper into the art form and culture in 2014, learning from Father Frisco Energi and founder Ultraa Energi.  Leezy furthered his journey by traveling to NYC in Summer 2015 and 2016 to study with important instructors including Kia LaBeija, Justin LaBeija, Omari Mizrahi, Cesar Valentino, and Julian De La Blanca, and to participate / exchange in the scene.

Leezy is very proud to have been adopted by Kia LaBeija and Justin LaBeija as their gay son in December 2016.  He especially loves blending old way vogue and soft n cunt vogue femme elements.

Leezy's drive and passion come from a desire to inspire others (particularly other queer people of color) to love themselves, take up space, and shine, in spite of the pervasive negative messages about who deserves to do so.

Leezy has danced professionally from 2014-2017 with Embodiment Project, a company that interweaves documentary theater, street dance forms, and social justice issues (particularly around police brutality, racism, and intersections of identity), in the San Francisco Bay Area.