Ryan “Father Frisco” Energi has dedicated over a decade of his life to the practice of Vogue and participation in the Ballroom community. Originally from the D.C. area, he spent many years as a “00-7” (free agent), before joining the House of Energi in 2010. The positive intentions behind the House resonated strongly with his soul! The House of Energi became fertile ground for Ryan’s dreams of building community and spreading an understanding of Vogue as an urban dance.  He now stands as House Father for the west coast chapter.


Since moving to San Francisco in 2011, Ryan has made it his mission to surface awareness and acknowledgement of Vogue movement, history, and the Ballroom culture on the west coast. As Father of the House of Energi, he has created space to inspire and empower his many children, as well as give back to the incredible Bay Area house dance community. Under his guidance, the House of Energi has become a global house with members around the country and over seas in Japan.


Inspired by the precision, grace, and strength of the Old Way, Ryan feels most empowered through this type of movement. As it is a slowly fading art form in the Ballroom scene, he feels it is extremely important to preserve the knowledge and intention behind the Old Way…the Only Way!


In the past few years, Ryan has developed his craft further by traveling to NYC to study under icons such as Archie Burnett Ninja and Cesar Valentino. While in NYC, he competes, or walks, in the Ballroom functions. He won grand prize in the following categories: “Virgin Vogue” at Vogue Knights (2015), “Pop, Dip and Spin” at Latex Ball (2016), and “Old Way” at Rumble Ball 80 (2016). He has also competed and won many trophies in the Bay Area, including Grand Prize at Peaches Christ’s “Paris is Burning” Ball, House of Aviance’s “Back to Basics” Ball, and two categories at the Dance Mission Theater “Unity” ball. To round out his Ballroom career, Ryan went to L.A. and snatched a trophy for “Old Way” at the Ovahness 11 Ball with his evil daughter, Leezy Energi. He has judged many local events in the past year in the Bay Area as well.


Ryan has taught many workshops for both youth and adult organizations, including Urban Artistry (D.C.), the Wreckenshop Urban Dance conference (SF), Bay Area House Dance Festival, New Year’s Training Camp at UC Berkely, and the SFUSD Gay Straight Alliance Day 2017. Along with cultural preservation, his main focuses as an educator are establishing strong core techniques (the five Elements) and emoting the proper intention behind the movement.


Ryan is passionate about providing access to Vogue for all interested communities, while preserving the history of the Ballroom scene. He recently traveled to Seattle to teach a “Pop, Dip, Spin” workshop and judge the Vogue category at the “After Black Friday” Ball, where he got to share his knowledge of the history of the culture with the community.


One of his greatest accomplishments to date was a community open panel discussion at MVMNT Studio with Archie Burnett (of the Legendary House of Ninja), Vjuan Allure (founder of Elite Beatz), Shamont Hussey (former counselor for SMAAC and part of the artistic group “MoonCandy House Ensemble”), and Ultraa Energi (founder of House of Energi). He also orchestrated the very first “Ballroom ‘Tings’ Live” workshop in the USA by Vjuan Allure!!  Ryan traveled to L.A. in 2017 to participate in the second gathering of the West Coast Ballroom Leaders convention. He plans to attend another convening in NYC this summer. Ryan’s dedication to spreading Vogue movement and Ballroom culture continues through the planning of the Origins Ball, coming in November 2017 to the Bay Area.